How is Frezu farm fresh cow’s milk different from other package and loose milk available in market?

Unlike most packaged milk that is processed over days, or others that come straight from the animal, Frezu Farm Fresh Cow’s Milk is milked and undergoes a process that retains proteins, vitamins, calcium and beta-carotene while eliminating harmful agents such as pathogens and microbes. The milk is also delivered on the very same day as milking!

What do you mean by farm fresh real cow’s milk?

Our fresh-fed cows are milked in neighboring farms using advanced technology, with zero exposure to sunlight and untouched by the human hand. This ensures cow’s milk that is truly fresh from the farm.

What real fresh real nutrition mean?

The fact that our fresh-fed cows are milked and milk delivered on the same day ensures ‘real freshness’. The milk undergoes an advanced process that retains it’s natural goodness while eliminating harmful agents, ensuring ‘real nourishment’

How is Farm Fresh Milk different from Packed Milk?

Farm fresh milk compared to packed milk is highly pure and natural with no artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics or steroids and no preservatives & adulterants.

Is it delivered on the same day?

Yes, it is delivered at your door steps on the same day within few hours of milking.

How can I get fresh cow’s milk at doorstep?

Just go to (link) and login using your customer id and place your order. If you are a new customer, before you place your order, register yourself by providing the required details and then login using your new customer id.–

Is farm fresh cow’s milk good for children/infants?

Yes, it is good as it is free from antibiotics, microbes, pathogens and other harmful bacteria. The farm fresh food is also rich in natural protein, vitamins, calcium and beta-carotene which makes it healthy for children and infants.

I want to try your milk? Do you provide samples?

Yes, we do provide sample milk after which you can place your orders on a regular basis.

Does the milk contain any preservatives to tasteners?

No, the milk is 100% natural with no preservatives or tasteners.

How can I cancel for a day?

You can cancel for a day by logging in to your customer id.

How can I postpone the delivery date?

You can do it by logging in to your customer id.

Is Ferzu milk free from bacteria?

No, being a pasteurized milk, the bacterial count ranges between 2 to 10,000 per ml which is much lesser than the permissible limit of 30,000/ml.

Why is Ferzu milk yellowish?

Carotene content in the cow milk contributes to the yellowish colour of the milk and it indicates the purity of the milk.

What are the Payment Methods available?

All flexible kind of payments are available and you can opt for either prepaid or postpaid option. You can pay using cheque and any other online mode of transfer.

What are the benefits of Frezu milk?

Ferzu milk is obtained from livestock which are fed on a high quality chemical-free diet and raised according to the best dairy methods with no hormone treatment. The milk is obtained without any contamination and is pure with no additions & no added preservatives. It is not skimmed or homogenized and so is fresh and healthy.

What is pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a process that kills harmful bacteria by heating milk to a specific temperature for a set period of time.

What are the essential tips on buying milk?

Always buy milk after verifying the Use by Date and look for batch number. Ideally, milk should be chilled while buying.

Does temperature of the milk affects the quality?

Yes, the temperature plays a vital role in the bacterial count. If the temperature of the milk is higher, the bacterial count will be high which in turns reduce the shelf life.

How can I be assured of the milk quality?

Samples of our milk are regularly checked and passed by FSSAI accredited labs for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins and we provide you those sample test reports to give you assurance on the milk quality. We also have a well-equipped laboratory where we test milk on key adulterants, added water and all impurities on daily basis and upload the results on our purity meter on daily basis.

How can I get Pot Curd at my Door Step?

You have to book a minimum 10 pots / per month, which can be delivered as per your convenient days.

How Frezu curd is different from other curd?

Frezu Curd made from pure cow’s milk and packed in Traditional Mud Pot, which provide excellent, tasty and healthy curd.

Do we need to return the Milk Glass bottles?

Yes. Milk Bottles should be washed and returned during the next day delivery while delivering the Milk.

What if I have broken the milk bottle?

Please do inform the Customer Care or to Delivery person that the milk bottle has broken and handover the broken bottle to the delivery person. It will be charged as part of the next month’s invoice