Farm To Home

Keeping Only The Good

The technologically advanced process, antibiotic-free milk, ensures that all the natural goodness of the cow’s milk is retained while eliminating harmful organisms such as pathogens, microbes and other harmful bacteria, reducing food-borne diseases by up to seven times.

Caring For Our Cows

Our cows are fed a fully natural diet that consists of a variety of fresh grass and herbs. Also the farmers conscientiously monitoring the cow’s health with genuine care to produce fresh, healthy and full of natural goodness milk.

Cow’s Milk – The Next Best Thing

One of the most acclaimed health benefits of cow’s milk is that it is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are associated with improved bone development. Frezu farm fresh cow’s milk also contains Omega 3, vitamin E and zinc which provides a host of health benefits for young children and women. The optimum quantities of beta carotene present, also aides in easy digestion and in turn, contribute to general health and well-being.