Why Frezu Farm Fresh Milk?

Frezu Farm Fresh Milk

FREZU brings you Farm Fresh Cow’s milk to your doorstep within hours of milking. Why Frezu Farm fresh is good and healthy for your family is attributed. Frezu has picked Dairy farms near your city based on quality guidelines. The Cows at the Associate Dairy Farm of Frezu are fed with food rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals & vitamins. This healthy diet that is fed to the cows transforms naturally into superior quality milk output that is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium and beta-carotene, which provides real nourishment and boosts immunity making it ideal for consumption amongst all age groups.

The fresh-fed cows are milked using automated milking machines. This process ensures the utmost hygiene and the milk is untouched by the human hand throughout the entire process from udder to bottle. The samples of Frezu Farm Fresh milk are regularly checked and passed by FSSAI accredited labs for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins and the test reports are provided to the customers to give assurance on the milk quality. Frezu also has a well-equipped laboratory where the milk is tested on key adulterants, impurities and added water on daily basis and the results are uploaded on the purity meter.

The quality checked Frezu’s farm fresh milk is pasteurised to kill pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms making it safer for consumption. The temperature plays a vital role in the bacterial count. If the temperature of the milk is higher, the bacterial count will be high which in turns reduce the shelf life. The Frezu’s milk is chilled to 4°C in bulk milk coolers. The technologically advanced process that the Frezu’s milk undergoes ensures that all the natural goodness of the cow’s milk is retained while eliminating harmful organisms such as pathogens, microbes and other harmful bacteria.

The pasteurised and chilled Frezu Farm Fresh milk is packed in PET bottles under strict quality surveillance as per FSSAI norms. The PET ensures control of oxidation and are tamper proof. This oxidation-resistant pack developed as a result of superior research & development makes Frezu milk fresh and safe for consumption.

The PET bottles are kept in crates and loaded into puff insulated vehicle and is brought to a designated location in the city for quick delivery and the Frezu milkman delivers the milk at your doorsteps. The whole process from milking to delivery at door steps happens within 4-5hrs of milking making it literally FOUR TIMES fresher than the ordinary packaged milk.

Frezu left no stone unturned in ensuring that only the freshest produce reaches your doorstep. Frezu guarantees 100% farm fresh cow’s milk packed with maximum nourishment which is highly pure and natural with no artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics or steroids, no preservatives or tasteners & no adulterants.

If you really care for your family’s health, call us now at 044 – 40100555 to check delivery at your place or mail us at customercare@frezu.in or visit us at www.frezu.in for more details.


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